M.M. Anderson was Our Guest on March 27th

Author M.M Anderson was our special guest on March 27th. To listen to the podcast, go to: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/thefunkywriter/2011/03/27/the-funky-writer-radio-show-episode-97

Seamus Sullivan never asked to become a werewolf. He never even thought about being a cop, that is until his childhood dream of becoming middleweight champion of the world is abruptly dashed by the jaws of a frothing lupus, commissioned to guard the gates of darkness deep beneath the bowels of Midtown Gardens Park. One chomp and Seamus is forever ushered into the world of the undead. No manual provided.

With the assistance of a self-appointed guardian, Seamus is doing OK in his earthly afterlife, as long as he controls his Irish temper and adheres to lunar calendar scheduling, and peaceful park duty. But OK becomes a KO when Seamus finally meets and falls paws over heels for his mysterious phantom woman–Claudia the feisty, bright, and beautiful teenage Cuban clairvoyant.

Happily ever after? If only undead were that simple. Add to the macabre mayhem Claudia’s baseball Bomber brother, a moldy reporter, a vengeful mama, a questionable priest, a possessed mayor, a gaggle of ghosts, a president’s son, a Confucius groupie, and what do you get? You get a farcely funny ride to the Darkside and back.

About M.M. Anderson

M.M. Anderson has always had an active imagination and a mischievously macabre sense of humor. As a child she enjoyed scaring her parents, brother, cousins, and friends with creepy stories and Halloweenish pranks. All the while secretly suspecting that as an infant she’d been separated from her real relatives: the Addams Family.

But there’s more to Ms. Anderson than Wednesday wanna-be. She’s been a darn good competitive runner, traveled near and far, sold real estate in Manhattan, was an educator at a world famous California zoo, taught elementary, middle school, and college, worked in publishing, advertising, rode the dot.com wave, and she once earned money as an assistant beautician for a mortician.

Although this is her first YA novel, M.M. Anderson has published nonfiction works, commercial ads, and also written music, penned the lyrics in TURNAROUND for Signal 7. Besides working her craft, she enjoys spending time with her handsome hubby, two wonderful children, six cats, two dogs, two fish, two turtles, two horses, and a gaggle of great pals.

http://www.mmanderson.net/Site/Home.html http://www.amazon.com/Werewolf-Dreams-M-Anderson/dp/0982094620

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